Whilst visiting the capital of Kefalonia, situated 35kms from Agia Efimia, one can get to see the caretta caretta turtles at the harbour near the local fishermans boats, awaiting a little treat from the friendly fisherman selling his daily catch.

Myrtos beach, 11kms away from Ag. Efimia, is ranked amongst the worlds best beaches. Taking photos from the top view points, one can take in the deep turquoise colours of the Mediterranean sea down below. Take a swim in these beautiful waters and relax on the sandy pebbled beach, and if you wait long enough you can experience a majestic panoramic sunset.

Mellisani Lake situated 6kms from Ag. Efimia is a beautiful location to visit. Take a ride in one of the boats and let the guide fill you in with all the details of this magnificent underground lake.

Drogarati Cave 12kms from Ag. Efimia revealed itself after an earthquake opened its entrance hundreds of years ago. Its a lovely experience to see the stalactites and stalagmites of this ancient cave.

13,5kms from Ag. Efimia, and just after the port town of Sami is a well organised beach with umbrellas, beach bars and watersport facilities. Enjoy its calm crystal waters, taking in the views of the surrounding mountains.

This colourful picturesque village, 16kms from Ag. Efimia, is a perfect location for a relaxing day out. A fair walk up to the 16th century fortress built in 1585, one can see the remains of typical Renaissance architecture.

Only 29kms away from Ag, Efimia on the northern tip of the island, lies the picturesque village of Fiskardo. Untouched by the earthquake in 1953, one can see the old buildings that will take you back in time. Take a walk around the harbour and take in the beauty Fiskardo has to offer.

First time in Kefalonia or returning visitor, don't hesitate to send questions. We will be glad to help you out!